About us

The best Bed and Breakfast Blog ever? It is just a matter of passion!

Let us bring something new about everything that is spinning around the charming world of Bed and Breakfast and Self-Catering accommodations located in some of the most interesting and fascinating countries.

My name is Maria Luce, and together with my brother Raffaello, we will keep you updated on delicious recipes, best tourism spots and sought destinations, local events, selected accommodations, with a direct and personal insight.

Being a former owner of a small B&B in Italy, I have welcomed people from all over the world, helping them to discover the hidden gems of Sardinia, and making several and long-lasting friendships.

Moreover, as frequent traveller since I was child, together with all our family, I have been always amazed by the unicity and simplicity of such accommodations, capable to provide a true and genuine welcoming feeling and unique atmospheres.

How life has changed since then!!

The hospitality business has been certainly in a forefront position with the employment of the latest online technologies, adding great value even to the smallest communities and pushing the concerned stakeholders such as innkeepers, hoteliers and private hosts to offer quality accommodations and comprehensive services.

Hence, this is our blog, connected with a bunch of accommodations-related websites but always maintaining an independent point of view.

Make sure to keep your eyes wide open for updates on the blog. If there is anything you would like to know about ourselves or what we do, or about the hospitality businesses worldwidejust let us know!

Thank you for visiting our blog and websites.