Adršpach Rocks – The rocks rock!

Train Station


A paradise for hikers with its awesome rock formations, AdršpachPark is a must-see for all visitors of East Bohemia.

We explored such beautiful place in mid-April, during a lovely and (fortunately) sunny day, and we were wonderfully surprised by the natural beauty of Adrspach Park. Its rock formations are truly awe-inspiring. As it was still out of the peak season, it was very quiet. The weather was gorgeous, with nice blue skies and no wind.

The main entrance is just in front of the local train station. To enter into the park, you have to pay a small fee (€ 5 pp). Just the time to look at the trials map and immediately a stunning view is displayed to your eyes.

The Lake

A small alpine-alike lake lies at your feet, surrounded by high trees and lush vegetation. Its water is dazzlingly turquoise, fading to emerald green, and crowded by many ducks gently cruising along the clear waters. You can easily see even the fish on the lake bottom.

The Lovers
The Lovers

Walking around the lake, overseeing the views from different angles, was very enjoyable and pleasant. This circular trip (the blue trail) might take you about 30 minutes and the lake itself is very picturesque.

Then, following the colour marked trails (the green trail), you are pulled towards all the spectacular rocks area. Names of these rocks, formed thousands of years ago, were created in accordance to their shape and locations. Very creative indeed! In fact, such bizarre rock formations have names such as “the sugar cone” “the lovers”, etc…

Once inside, you will see many imposing rocks and towering stony pillars, narrow passages, waterfalls and a further (smaller) lake. A tiny entrance fee was required if you wish to enjoy a boat ride on it. The path loops around several dozens of amazing rocks which you expect to see in the US Grand Canyon or Badlands, not in Czech Republic just in the middle of the Europe!

Lots of steps are parts of the hike and some sections of the trails are just a little bit more difficult, but definitely worth the effort. However, there is the opportunity to choose an easier (and shorter) circuit (if you become tired or you are in hurry) or the longer steeper (and more tough) walk.

The Green Trail
The Rocks

If you are a fit person for stairs and upside downs and not a keen photographer, the green route may take about 2 hours walk, otherwise (what mostly happen) it can easily take longer because of there are lots to see and the views are really breath taking.

it is better to bring sandwiches and a bottle of water or a thermos of tea (is up to you) to take your time and fully enjoy this beautiful and unusual place.

Good shoes are also recommended, and although it was a warm day, may be cold between the rocks. Therefore, take warm clothes and, as said do not forget to bring with you plenty of water and your pocket lunch, as food is not available to buy around.

Trail Marks

There are also no toilet facilities within the park, but you can find them outside, close to the main entrance.

I can recommend this place. It is fantastic and it is difficult to believe that you are in real world (you instead really feel like in a fairy tale). Secret and quiet places, small lakes, waterfalls and springs, are all part of the trip.

Visiting this place, you can definitely build your sense for fantasy, like in Tolkien’s world!